Essay Kings Writing Service offers a variety of services divided in three categories, those being academic writing, business writing and individual writing. Academy writing services include essay writing, report writing, speech writing, dissertation writing, thesis writing, research paper writing, term paper writing, assignment writing, homework writing, ect. Business writing services include business plans, business proposals, presentation material, business letter and so on. Individual services revolve around personal papers such as resumes, speeches and synopsis. They’ve been around for more than ten years so they know what they’re doing.

It is great that we live in XXI era, when we may make use of a brilliant creation of mankind: the network where you are able to get each and everything you need, along with buying essays online. Now it is easy to find lots of webpages where you could arrange and receive the paper for a moderately good price, a plagiarism-free paper of the best quality which will surely guarantee you the desired score. And is exactly this type of service. You are able to make an order from their team from all over the world. The one thing you need is an electronic device connected to internet. These custom paper writing service is among the oldest ones and is definitely worth checking out when deciding which essay writing service to choose from.

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I also love their website with very efficient design with a flawless look. One thing I loved as soon as I saw the page was the welcome message at the top left corner, just under the logo. Speaking of, it displays number one (1) on top of a cyan square. It fits with the overall design quite good actually.

There is also a “Prices” page where you can check out the costs of having them write your paper. What stands out is the pricing for each of the service categories they have. For instance, academic writing will cost you $9.97 per page, business writing $19.00 per page and individual writing $9.97. Underneath that is a price calculator where you can inputrelevant information and get a quote for your paper. You must choose between a large ammount of papers, academic levels, deadlines and a number of pages, i.e. words.

This site is very easy to navigate because the navigation bar is right there, at the top and at the bottom of the page along with the “Contact us” info. I can assure you that their services are really great and are definitely worth the price because the delivery is always on time and the quality is among the top on the market.

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