Essay Tigers Review is a reputed online resource for swift and proficient student writings – so they hold themselves out in the writing services market. To make sure it is true to life, we have bought a paper from them. Our decision was a simple English Literature essay, still we prioritized a standard language by a native.

Among the advantages worth being emphasized in our Essay tigers review are a really large variety of topics to choose and a wide offer of paper types. Since students often have difficulties with quite a long list of study papers in whatsoever disciplines, it is a sort of undisputable catch.

The resource seems to be extensive, staffed with a sufficient number of writers (who are said to be able to write whatever complex papers within any timeframes). Essay tigers provide for privacy and non-plagiarism guarantees – well, as any other service does.

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As regards our personal experience, we were not completely satisfied with the terms of delivery: instead of the three hours promised, we got the paper in five hours. You may say it is not that long, but we counted on them – what if we really needed to submit the paper in three hours? They told us our task was specific, though we don`t think it is an adequate excuse. This alone makes it impossible to provide for a fully positive Essay tigers review. Even though the language we asked about was really up to the level, and neither doubted its being written by a native.

Since our paper was made in a hurry, it failed to be properly finalized. Although, truth be said, it was enough for being presented to a professor, however not too demanding. Still, you know, if Essaytigers mention 100% finalization among their pros, then we want to get it for our money. Even though, we would not say the money is too big – we found their fees rather reasonable, but some believe they were high (they compared with the resources they used to contact for student writings).

Probably, you are always concerned about the customer support as you contact such services for help. Well, it was handy enough, but we suppose there are services with better help. At least, we did not always get satisfactory answers to all our questions.

To be short and sum up our essay tigers review, we can say that this service is rather suitable to make orders and pay, and their subject variety is a sure benefit, with the writers to be fairly well skilled. But we would ask for more support and more accurate timing, to avoid such sad delivery gaps.


  1. Natasha

    I ordered a math essay, and they confused the dates. I was dreadfully angry. However, my sis is always ok with them. Probably, I’m not a lucky one.

  2. Dave

    The tigers helped me when I was fully frustrated with my coursework I had no idea of. They did it for me, and it was awesome. Yet, probably, I would agree there exists some trouble with proper organization. I heard about some delivery failures.

  3. Janette R.

    hey did business writing for me, and I found it pretty well compliant with the Australian standards – perhaps, my writer was Australian. Truly, it`s daunting that they can offer a native to buckle down to your sensitive paper. Taken all round, I admired the way they communicated, and how they explained the details, very accurately.

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