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Essays24 is well known to a great many students internationally. Its study writings have gained vast popularity, and people do have recourse to its writers when in need for a dissertation, or a research paper, a book review, a math essay, a thesis, a presentation, a course work and quite a few other. The service provoked out interest by its unlimited charge-free revisions, money-back warranties, absolute customer privacy, no-plagiarism statements and, of course, expert writers promised to make any writing for any customer. Therefore, we decided to get ready with an Essays 24 review, as we got curious about whether all the above (and many other) is true or false.

We ordered two different writings in two college subjects – math and psychology – to see how well they cope with hard sciences and liberal arts. We requested both papers to be written and formatted differently: one for a USA student, Chicago-formatted; the other for a UK student, MLA-formatted. A math paper was time-constraint, while a psychology essay allowed taking time.

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Our math writing came first, and, to the good of this Essays24 review, the delivery terms were favorable. We started with inspecting the research study required to underlie the paper. The research, though not as profound as we expected, was pretty nice for a math student to keep enrolled. Yet, we were frustrated with the language: it was not pure American English, and we found it hard to work it out where the writer originated from (some guessed it was Canada). As regards the format, it was pretty well-done, and the entire writing was duly finalized and had no slightest hint at plagiarism (which we checked with Essays 24`s help).

A psychology essay was next in line, and, to our regret, it was delayed, as explained by a sudden writer`s illness and failure to find another one quickly. This mishappening was partially compensated by good paper quality: unlike the previous writing, this essay was written in a proper language and formatted according to our instructions. The very content was a bit simple, as likely to be written by an intern rather than a degreed expert. However, the overall product was satisfactory.

The takeaway of this Essays 24 review is so that the service is good enough to refer to its writers for unsophisticated help – basic writing, proofreading or finalization – provided that you are not limited in time, owing to possible delivery delays. Their originality has been proved by us, so you can rely on them in search of truly authentic works. However, they can confuse languages, and you should be ready for this, unless you wish to sound American in a British college. They claim profound research, and they do make good research, though we cannot call it profound. What`s really nice about the service is as many free revisions as you want. In addition, they have effective client assistance, which but could not help us to be fine with a substituting psychology writer. With respect to money, their prices may look unattractive to some of you – at least, we found them like this. In a word, this service definitely has its advantages, but there are also drawbacks that cannot be left unnoticed.

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  1. Jason

    When they failed to find another writer to act for the one leaving, I asked for refund and was recompensed quickly. Kept with a positive attitude, I ordered from them once again, and there was no trouble with that subsequent order – they delivered well, and I performed well. Not excellent, of course, but for me it was enough. But I would prefer it cheaper

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