NinjaEssays Review

To check the Ninja essays writing service for quality and client treatment, we have ordered several papers of standard and premium quality. Our Ninjaessays review sampling included different types of papers they offer: a term paper, a lab report, a coursework and a case study. For some, we asked for very tight deadlines, for others the timing was tolerable.

As a result, the service appeared to be qualified enough, with the adequate sense of time (probably, they do have that many writers). They showed the ability to schedule well the work stages, and their proofreading was proper.

The service offers an extensive list of academic papers – from essays to profound research works, which is beneficial, moreover that one can select from a wide range of disciplines. Owing to its large scale, the service is widely used by students from everywhere. As such, its academic norms are far-reaching. It was heard a lot about their popularity in a great many countries, which fact should speak in favor of the service quality.

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Still, to write a fair Ninjaessays review, we cannot but mention their so-called standard differentiation: in practice, both standard and premium quality proved to be equal, with the rates different.

Besides, their rates also seemed rather high to us. Well, maybe not too high, but definitely higher compared to the market average. Probably, they should better develop their system of benefits and rebates, for the next Ninjaessays review to give them a better credit.

If have a closer look at the papers themselves, then a case study turned a bit underdeveloped, and we actually expected better quality. The rest of the papers were all right, each with tiny speckles like misprints, or confused figures, or rough terminology in places. Generally, we were satisfied. Although, they provide for limited quantity of free amendments, which is not very convenient.

Even though they proofread the paper, we traced some inconsistency, which is scarcely welcome when it goes about an internationally known online service that deals with whatever diverse levels of academic writings.

Ninjaessays makes itself known as a twenty-four-hour available service. However, we experienced some trouble when tried to reach them at nighttime. It may possibly depend on the team at work. Yet, it must be admitted that we also felt like there was no sufficient attention to clients throughout our collaboration.

The outcome is so that the service is prompt enough, with an adequate list of academic papers to select from. The writers are qualified to perform different levels of urgency and complexity. Still, one may find their rates higher than they should be, and not so many benefits as they initially report. The client service also needs better management. It is a good writing service, but there is a lot to be improved.


  1. Andy S.

    I used Ninja a couple times – to make an essay and a research paper. As a whole, I`m satisfied, even though there were slight format discrepancies. But still, it`s pretty nice.

  2. Alexandra

    I can say our cooperation with the guys was quite positive – they did help me when I needed urgent assistance. I still remember it, my nightmare term paper in Political Science. Yet, I wouldn`t say their fee scheme is very flexible – I`d prefer it to be more affordable.

  3. James

    I like this writing service, they write good papers, and they try to be always on time. I had no trouble with them, however my mate had – they delivered a day later. They apologized, but that was a bit uncomfy, you know.

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