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Why pimp my paper is worth reviewing is because it is favored by many students, and the satisfaction level is reported to be high. This online-based writing service offers solid authenticity guarantees and absolute confidentiality of its clients wherever they are. Since the student papers proposed by their writers are globally oriented – which means you can buy their essay or term paper despite your location – they cater for any type of school or college, be it a time-honored Cambridge or an upstanding Yale. Speaking high of their writers, pimp my paper ensure that there are no works they would not be able to write. No matter the assignment and the due date, the papers are always ready on time, with the quality to be perpetually high.

We desired that our paper be made from scratch, as they normally promise, and that no detailed instructions be received from us. It was our idea to check their flexibility and way-finding skills simulating the situation where a student is short of any essay instructions but utterly needs the essay to be written top-quality. We equipped them with only brief order-related information and asked for the shortest and, accordingly, the most expensive delivery term.

We will start our pimp my paper review with the service fees: they are affordable, which has to attract quite a few students with different budgets. It is said that they provide for accumulated rebates, and the more often you order, the less you pay; however, we cannot prove or disprove, as that was our first order ever.

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The operator lady was very polite and smiley (at least, so she sounded on the phone). She was very quick with our order and suggested a list of writers to choose from (they offer such option). Although, a minute or two later, after our order was accepted, she called back and said sorry that the writer selected was not available. A little thing, probably, but we felt bewildered and even upset a bit.

Our PhD paper was finished on time, of which we were notified first, and then we received an email with the very paper attached.

Well, probably, because the completion hours were too short to expect the PhD to be excellent, but the paper looked rough. Yet, they offer this level of student papers within such timing, so they should have been estimated that it is feasible, or else it is illogical to offer such services. Frankly, we found it a bad value for money. Notwithstanding that the paper was authentic and made turnkey to be presented to the college, it had poor background, and the overall writing concept was weak. As we expressed our ideas to the service management, they offered a charge-free revision to adjust for our amendments. But our intention was to check if they could work without our instructions – and they could not. We were suggested a refund following our dissatisfaction, and this was a good sign, which we appreciated.

In short, this pimp my paper review has shown that this service has nothing extraordinary to offer, even though it does have its advantages like affordable fees, prompt deliveries and very competent finalization. But it was pity to find out that, probably, the hours affect the quality, and this effect is negative.

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  1. Faith

    My friend often buys from them – he finds them cool, even though he needs to tighten his belt every time he buys their services.”
    Kendra, Oregon (USA): “I use them often – them and other services too – and they delayed once, but the rest of the time it was okay.

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