Pro-Essay-Writer Review

Pro-Essay-Writer is a web-based company providing students with writings in a wide range of disciplines. Their completion timing is promised to be quick and never procrastinated. Their safety and security are reported to be high. Their writings are said to be made by true native English speakers at an expert level. And, of course, we should not forget about the prices, which are guaranteed by the company to be very reasonable.

However, we cannot believe or disbelieve until we prove it ourselves. Therefore, this Pro-Essay-Writer review is aimed to unveil the failures and problems the company`s team has, if any.

To make for our review, we purchased a coursework in Biology requesting it to be ready within the shortest term possible.
In a 2-day period previously agreed with the team, our coursework was finished and made available for downloading on our user account.

We liked the general formalization of the work, which included good English and specific terminology, as well as proper formatting that matched our style completely. Since biological works normally require proficient research and adequate scientific findings, we were especially demanding to the exclusivity of the research studies that underpinned our coursework. Regrettably, we discovered certain inconsistencies and inaccuracies, which could not be tolerable with the expert writing company. In addition, two critical issues making the topic were left unnoticed, which logically resulted in an incomplete concluding part.

We should do justice to the company`s administration and mention here in our Pro Essay Writer review that the writers accepted our adjustments with not a single objection, all included in the coursework by rule and line. However, this cannot improve the general quality they delivered initially.

As for the prices, it looks like Pro Essay Writer tries to keep them at a market level, but not overstep the limit. Therefore, the price list looks attractive and is probably to cater for diverse customer segments.

The issue of plagiarism is always highly relevant with the third-party services writing papers for students. We were very scrupulous with our plagiarism test, yet it was passed successfully, and thus we may state that the company`s team violates no fair performance principles.

The plagiarism issue is, probably, followed by a customization one: barely will you wish to get a one-fits-all coursework or something. It seems like here in the company people know the value of this thing: we got our writing completely customized for our needs, and we could not trace any feature that would explicitly point to the paper being duplicated even in pieces.

To sensibly summarize this Pro Essay Writer review, we have to mention some of its self-evident benefits like native English writers with adequate insight into paper formalization, customer confidentiality, affordable prices and on-time deliveries. Still, the company`s negative points also need to be highlighted – like inaccurate research studies, weak 24/7 customer assistance and too slow order acceptance. In view of this, we cannot distinguish this company as something exceptional.


  1. Jessica

    I bought a bulky paper – with up to a hundred pages, and a short one – about fifteen or so. The short one was okay, it even seemed flawless – writing, formatting, proofreading and other. But the long one was a disappointment: they didn`t complete it, and it seemed kind of raw. I ordered re-editing from another service, to clean up the mess.

  2. Dave

    I feel happy with their discounts. Maybe it`s because I`m a regular customer, and I`m with them for very long, but I manage to economize on loads of papers with their discounted prices. Ah, quality. It`s all right, I`m fine with it.

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