RushEssay Review is a website in high demand for its diverse services rendered in the study segment. Its management is deemed competent in high-quality operations with respect to any sort of educational areas. We know by hearsay that the website is known for both advantages and pitfalls. For example, they make for quite solid research, but there is some trouble with formats.

It was our decision to make a RushEssay review where we would disclose all those pros and cons, and even more.

Because we have heard from students about STEMs to be their best papers and liberal arts their worst, we quite obviously opted for a term paper in History.

We wanted it to be fast but top-quality. It was our explanation that the professor we were to present the paper to had the format inconsistency his pet peeve. To bear this in view, we wanted our writer and proofreader to be especially scrupulous and format-friendly. Again, we accentuated the highest relevance of the comprehensive research our term paper had to rely on.

After a time-consuming debate with the website`s team guys, we were finally confirmed with our order to be accepted for work. The deadlines were 48 hours, and, according to the team, this timing was well enough to complete the sort of paper we purchased for our review.

2 days did prove to be enough, and we got the paper even half-day earlier. First, we checked it for formatting, which had to comply with the one thoroughly described by us to the team guys prior to them accepting the order. Truth be told for the sake of the impartial review, the format turned to be fully consistent with our instructions. As such, our fake professor, had he been flesh-and-blood, would very likely accept the term paper like this.

As for the quality, it appeared to be better than we expected following the hearsay, however its excellence was put in question: the historical research was found intermediate, as opposed to the superior one reported by the website team. The general information looked uncoordinated, some historical dates conflicting with one another.

We asked for a revision and discovered that RushEssay make revisions available free of charge, but only one per customer. It is unfavorable that they provide for only one revision for free, which means every next one you need will be paid from your own wallet. It is quite possible that they are 100% confident in their top quality that needs no additional revisions. However, practical experience proves otherwise.

Anyhow, we enjoyed our right to an unpaid revision and confined ourselves to just one. It must be admitted that the paper was revised properly, however some gaps did remain as they were, which could definitely not contribute to a high grade for this website.

As a whole, we were neither satisfied nor upset. The website appeared quite ordinary, with no special drawbacks, as well as no extraordinary benefits. This taken into account, we cannot put our necks on the line and say they are superior. Yet again, they are not that bad as well. Our advice is contact them from time to time, together with other equivalent services.


  1. Pamela

    My Shakespeare review paper was awesome, in excellent UK English. I have nothing to complain about. Unless it be for no discounts offered. Well, I’m joking, of course.

  2. John

    I contacted them just once, but they were not too courteous. Probably, the customer support needs a closer watch.

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