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We have heard a lot about the speedy essay research – some say their research experts are the best, others strongly discourage from buying research papers from this agency. On the back of this discrepancy, we came out with a decision to order a couple of research papers from them. Our choice was a research study in math and sociology research.

We have to hand it to the service that they are popular in the study writing market, and students apply to them frequently with very different requests and deadlines. Owing to their having quite a few regular customers and many agreeable testimonials, they are likely to tackle all those requests better than well.

Our speedy essay review experience started with getting to know their sociable and knowledgeable enough operators who consulted us on our orders and advised the best-matching writers. We selected some. Our intention was to test two different writers and, as such, two different tempos, modes of servicing and manners of writing. And we did succeed in our evil plan: both writings were made differently, each having its strengths and weaknesses.

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A math research proved to be very in-depth, and we should acknowledge that the quality exceeded our expectations. A wise scientific research line, absolute originality and complete customization – those were the undeniable strengths. But you are wrong if think everything was rosy. The losing thing was the delivery, or, if to be more precise, the writer`s regular messages wondering if we could wait a bit more, as the research needed better insight. We kept on saying “all right”, as we were wondering, in our turn, what the deliverable would be. Finally, we were emailed with our dreamt-for speedy essay math research, and the quality was impressive. Still, can we turn a blind eye on such rough delivery gaps? Our opinion is “no way!”

The sociology research was a totally different pair of shoes: the content was next to awful, while the deadlines were met excellently, with the paper delivered even a day earlier, fully finalized and perfectly proofread. We appreciated the masterful scientific language, in which the writing was made; its grammar and orthography also could not get any better.

Yet, the topic seemed to be left unnoticed: the paper was nothing but a combination of words, often inappropriate. Simply put, we did not see any research, which fact demonstrates that not all writers are doomed to be genius researchers. However, the finalization was brilliant, and one could hardly find anything to be criticized. Yet again, we wanted our research, meanwhile we got empty words for money.

If you ever look for a good research writing, read through our speedy essay review and make up your mind which of the features are really important to you and which can be blenched with no damage to your grades and reputation. As you can see, all of the service features are ambivalent, and they both can be either hit or miss, depending on the situation and on how lucky you are.

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  1. Adam

    I have been using a host of writing services. To be honest, I can`t even remember when I wrote myself. My experience is vast: I ordered essays, labs, finals, even multiple choice answers, and it`s really a wonderful alternative to boring and tiresome book-hitting. My cooperation with the speedy was rather positive than negative: they helped me a lot, however they also caused me to spend a fortune, as their services are not that cheap. I think you have to pay attention to their rates – not at all student-friendly, I guess.

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