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What you need to know first about the Trustmypaper agency is that it is a comprehensive online service delivering all types and complexity levels of study papers. Its promptness and exclusivity are often mentioned as a true benefit by those using its services. Security, money-back and independent research guarantees have made us write a Trust my paper review demonstrating the degree of fairness the agency represents on its website. Since we have heard that its writers are considered experts in most disciplines, the majority being proficient researchers, it has been our strong desire to check if they are really so knowledgeable as they are said to be.

For our Trust my paper review, we chose to order a writing from scratch and a proofreading option for the essay made already by another, low-quality service. We pursued the idea to test both their ability to write from the ground up and their knowledge to proper finalize the ready-made writings.

We got an instant 15% discount per each order, which positively influenced our attitude, as we found their rates above the market average. To add, we received quite professional treatment from the order processing employees: the girl was mindful and solicitous, with adequate attention to details; she helped us get the hang of the overall communication process and consulted exhaustively on the list of services they offer.

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Regarding the delivery terms, the essay was ready on time, while the proofreading took a day longer, which was kind of disappointment. Concerning the quality, the priority was taken by the proofreading, which was actually done very well. Meanwhile, the essay looked like it was short of deepness, as if it were made by a freshman rather than a 7-year-experienced pro. The research was not sufficient for us, as we expected it to be more in-depth. Though, truth be told for the sake of this Trust my paper review, the research study underlying our writing was really unique, which made us believe these guys don`t steal others` findings.

We expressed our discontent, and they offered us as many free revisions as we would need. The money-back option was not offered.

To sound neutral in our Trust my paper review, we accentuate the overall helpfulness of the agency employees who were supporting us throughout the ordering, paying and writing processes. We did mark for ourselves that their consultants are very well competent as far as customer assistance is concerned. Yet again, we would mark negatively the rates, which exceed the average level in the study paper market. The only excuse is a 15% discount and other one-off bonuses and accumulated rebates announced by the agency to its users. The agency customers are said to be protected by the money-back guarantees and 100% secrecy, as well as a no-plagiarism principle complied in full, and this is undeniably a serious achievement.

Although, their delivery terms can sometimes be very disappointing. You will find their formatting and editing very smart, but the research may appear a true distress. Owing to many pros and cons, this agency can be considered an average, with no special gains and extraordinary losses, and so you can ask them for help further to its market peers.

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  1. Janine Smith

    They are nice – they did a good job for me once, in full compliance with the Canadian guidelines and in adequate English. I recommended them to my friend, and she did contact them subsequently, but I’m not sure she found them appropriate. Well, I did, and I think they are a nice alternative to all those heavy-on-the-pocket aides and advisers all round Canada.

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