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A UK-based writing service is popular with its masterful British compliant papers in a variety of disciplines most in demand around UK and other countries. Besides, to those coming from the country other than UK, the service claims to select an appropriate writer with the English language best fitting their requirements.

We should emphasize that this service enjoys popularity among the students, especially British ones, and a long list of advantages it announces on its website paints a rosy picture. Among other, you may find that they offer 100% originality, or else your money back; their delivery is promised to be the fastest in the market; you may choose the grade you qualify for; though writing online, they suggest you to visit their registered office and make sure they do exist.

The Ukessays team of more than half a thousand writers looks immensely when it goes about quality: it always seems that so many experts under the roof cannot but deliver excellence. We decided to verify if it sinks or swims and ordered an essay.

The order advisory on-call was prompt but not as comprehensive. We were asked for the college instructions, and their absence seemed to somewhat impede the order fulfilment. On the other hand, this may also be held out an advantage, as the service proves to follow your requirements rather than play its own part.

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The essay we ordered specially for the review was completed with an hour delay, which was not a considerable delay, in view of a 5-day term agreed, still it was a delay. However, we got an immediate notification of our essay finished.

The very text was written competently, and we rated the language high – it was obvious that the writer was native British with a high level of expertise. A slightly disappointing thing was the research: it apparently lacked consistency, and the evidence base was limp. We arrived at the idea that research studies were their pet peeve.

Still, we have to bring out in the review the complete originality of our essay: no compilation trace was identified throughout the text. It was also adjusted for our needs, and we concluded they made much of the user preferences.

However, we failed to reach an agreement on the format: we requested specific formatting for our essay – to check whether they are aware, but we never agreed, and so the format was standard British.

To test the service for fairness, we negotiated an on-site meeting with some of their administrators, and it was appointed easily. This made us certain about their being serious with office visits.

If summarize our impression in this Ukessays review, it is ambivalent. Probably, we cannot think of them as the fastest service in the market, since they procrastinated for an hour. Meanwhile, their writers are natives and master good English.

We would not describe their prices as moderate – they are rather high than low, however regular customers normally benefit from discounted tariffs. Certainly that poor research is a gross weakness, and it needs to be removed. And an hour delay with the order delivery is beyond strengths. Original papers as well as money given back in case of failures or non-satisfaction give credit to the service, but there is a lot to be upgraded.

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  1. Zachary

    I used them first when I started my internship – and right then I came up in want of my first outsourced paper. The money was quite big for a student sharing a dorm, but I came happy with the end product. Revisions for free – I appreciated that.

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