Ultius.com Review

It seems like all academic writing niches are occupied today, and the service agencies are so numerous that it is difficult to elbow through in search of true values. Plenty of services offer competitive prices and a bag of discounts; quite a few suggest the money back in case of your being unhappy with the delivery; any and all pledge 100% authenticity and no spare place for plagiarism; and there is a long train of lures in addition to the above. We are here to single out the true gems out of rough stones. Our mission is to bring out those idle-talking into the open and, quite the opposite, prove the value of the services that really make a difference.

Ultius.com is one of those to offer an abundance of perks: most experienced writers; good prices and flexible discounts; selection of disciplines; no complexity barriers; unique and handpicked works; confidentiality and security; scheduled deliveries and many more to mention. We know well that this service enjoys the commitment of many users, and it is really a big place where one can order a list of study services like writing, or editing, or finalization of the ready-made works.
In the Ultius.com review, we pursue to check the service for its overall operability – or, in other words, the reported features being true to life.

To best put through the plan, we ordered three papers at a time: a school assignment, an undergraduate essay and a graduate term paper.

We were happy to get all of them as scheduled. One by one, the papers were checked for uniqueness, and only the school assignment showed the sad traits of slight plagiarism. Actually, it was the school assignment that showed the worst results – from uniqueness to language excellence. The two other writings seemed to be performed up to par, with the adequate expertise in place and sufficient deepness of the research. Nevertheless, we cannot state the works are worth being prize-awarded: the undergraduate essay lacked some information to be disclosed throughout the text, while the graduate term paper was well under the level deemed due for this academic degree. Therefore, Ultius failed to demonstrate its 100% excellence.

It is worth mentioning in Ultius.com review that we experienced light trouble with ordering online – simply put, we got confused with the forms and web pages. Probably, the website needs better customization. Still, we consider the prices good enough to attract the majority of users.

As a whole, the service has some of its benefits well grounded like confidentiality, attractive prices and scheduled deliveries – these do work. Yet, one can hardly describe its writers as the best, with all the complexity levels to be barely tackled equally spick-and-span. On the face of it, the writings seem to be unique, until you get the one that turns it into a frustrating illusion. In a word, this service, though operating on a large scale and enjoying popularity, certainly needs improvements.


  1. Laura

    I guess they think too much of themselves. Their rates are high, their writers are poor, their disciplines scanty. Probably, there are people who like them, but that`s not me for sure.

  2. Michael

    came across the ultius guys occasionally, but have become their regular customer from then onwards. Even though I`m not that sort of guy to play hooky, but sometimes you just need someone to help you out. The guys help me loads.

  3. Jeremy

    My friends strongly encouraged me to try them out, and my math was a success, I suppose. Not a triumph, but pretty tolerable.

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